Noir Indulgence intimate portrait style by rachel vogeleisen

Why we have a zoom consultation before you book your boudoir photoshoot

Are you dreading speaking on the phone or even worse on a video call when getting in touch with a business? I get you but the process of being in business is changing. It’s more about building a relationship than playing the sleazy snake oil salesman and I know what I’m talking about I used to work in sales and hated this type of sales guy (yeah mostly men, boasting and being very convincing but for how long?).

I’ve always been for building relationships and helping to solve a problem. If you want to book a boudoir photoshoot with me I invite you for a chat on zoom. It’s the perfect chance to get talking about your needs before committing. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to understand my style and see how we work together.

Why do I want to speak to you before you book your photoshoot?

Of course, you could just book a photoshoot via my CRM system all set and ready but a boudoir session is much more than just being photographed and communication is paramount because we are humans being with emotions and sensibility. No process can ever be the same for every woman I photograph. If I want you to join me on a zoom call before your book your photoshoot it’s really to make sure we are on the same page.

What will we discuss?

What are you looking for? I know that a boudoir photography sessions can be intimidating, so we’ll have a friendly chat to set your expectations about the photoshoot. You might also want to check out my photoshoot experience page if there’s anything in particular on which you’re curious!

The call is what’s called an “in-person consultation session.” This typically helps me get a sense of who you are as well as your needs—both before and after our shoot together.

That is why it’s key to understand what you want from your photoshoot, the purpose behind it and then explain how we will work together. Imagine this call as a friendly conversation, having the opportunity to understand more about what a photoshoot with me involves, the preparation work you will be ask to do before your photoshoot and if you’re ready to commit to do this work for the success of your portrait, personal branding or boudoir photoshoot.

The call is also where we discuss openly about money, how much a session costs, what’s included, how much clients usually spend and what’s on offer to buy your images after the session. I will be an open book with no questions blanked out. As I explained there’s no hard sell, during this consultation or at your viewing consultation. My idea is to have you as a client for life and for that we need build a great relationship. So does hoping on a zoom call with me still scare you?

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