Noir Indulgence intimate portrait style by rachel vogeleisen

Why as a boudoir photographer I offer more than digital files.

Why do I offer prints and products as a boudoir photographer rather than just digital files? Portrait photography is an art in itself. When you work with a professional to design the interiors of your house, you choose a professional, like an interior designer, because they are the pros and have the knowledge to help you deliver this project that you have to heart. You select them for their knowledge, experience, and creative way of seeing or doing what you feel is the best for you and what you want. You wouldn’t want them to give you an unfinished product and let you complete the project on your own. It’s why I offer a full service as well.

I want you to walk out of my boudoir photography session with bags of confidence and legacy portraits that you can cherish every day, display in your home, in a folio box, or as wall art. The most beautiful aspect of viewing portraits as prints versus digital screens is that they become a piece of art.

I know from experience that digital files will stay stuck inside your computer. For me creating portraits for my clients is more than just a snapshot. Your phone could do that for you; phone cameras are pretty savvy these days.

When you work with a professional boudoir photographer, you want more than a button pusher and a file; you want their expertise, creativity, experience and a work of art to treasure. It’s why you choose to work with a professional portrait photographer.

What is a reveal folio box?

A folio reveal box collection is the most popular choice of product my client purchase. The folio box is the perfect heirloom keepsake for your printed portraits. Your images will be mounted and ready to be framed; you can choose to frame them or keep them inside your folio box to browse them whenever you want. The reveal box turns a box of pictures into a frame where you can change the front images at your will. The classy and timeless design of the Reveal Box transforms it into a table-top frame when vertical. These boxes are available in sizes 10×8 or 11×14.

If you’re thinking about choosing a reveal folio box, here are some of the benefits of a folio box.

  • Beautifully crafted
  • Versatility
  • Simple and elegant
  • Keep the folio box on a coffee or side table.
  • Take out some images and frame them.
  • Turn it into a tabletop frame when vertical.
  • Change the front image at your will.
  • Take them out and place them on an easel.

Not everyone wants to put up portrait wall art in their home, but they still want something elegant and tangible. The reveal folio box is the perfect option for that.

In conclusion, who is this for? The reveal folio box is a product that everyone will love. It’s classic, elegant, and functional. All my portraits come with a digital version accompanied by physical prints, and if you’re unsure what to choose, you can’t go wrong with the folio box.

What is wall art?

Wall arts are matted and framed portraits ready to be displayed in your home. Your images hanging on the wall are to be seen and enjoyed daily by yourself, loved ones, families and guests. Indeed, it will bring up conversations and stories, which a piece of art triggers. I offer wall art from 16x20in and up. Nothing compares to seeing your printed portraits framed and hanging on the wall compared to a digital screen, they will have a whole other dimension and be part of your interior design.

If you’re thinking about choosing a wall art portrait, here are some of the benefits.

  • beautifully crafted material, all wall art is printed on giclée fine art paper or metal
  • They are an integral part of your interior design.
  • Your portraits are a piece of art on the wall.
  • Enjoy it every day
  • Trigger conversation and stories
  • A beautiful keepsake to treasure for the years to come

Can I just have the digitals then?

All the images you buy in a collection, either in a folio box or as wall art, include the corresponding digital files. You can buy the digital files only, but the price is the same as the printed collection. As I mentioned earlier, as a professional photographer and artist, I offer a full service, and the printed version is the best way to enjoy my art.