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What to wear for your boudoir photoshoot

I understand that a boudoir session can be daunting. The idea of standing in front of a photographer in your bras and knickers doesn’t sound very comforting. You know what? It doesn’t have to be so. It’s all about building your confidence gradually during the session. In this post, I give you 3 basics as a recommendation for your boudoir photoshoot and it doens’t have to involve lingerie.

A boudoir photography session is all based on trust, it is, therefore, essential to have

  1. A conversation before the boudoir photoshoot with your photographer to understand what type of images you’re after and the purpose of your boudoir photoshoot. Have clarity about what you want out of the boudoir session This will be your opportunity to explain how you imagine a boudoir session and what you like about yourself.

  2. Create a Pinterest mood board to share with your photographer. Communication is great but nothing trumps having boudoir photos as an example for your boudoir photography ideas. Again this will give you an opportunity to get on the same level as your photographer, he or she can then make sure that these boudoir photos you’re sharing are what you want or maybe not.

Great communication will be key to establish a sense of trust from the start. Let me walk you through the 3 basics outfits you can wear for your boudoir session

3 staples outfit for your boudoir session


A white shirt is a great outfit to wear for your boudoir session. Use the shirt to cover the bits you don’t want to show. Play with the shirt to reveal a shoulder, a neckline, keep it open on bras and panties without showing too much. Dance with the shirt and open it when you ready to do so. If you like the out of bed look wear with a pair of boxer shorts. If you’re not the lingerie type wear basic strapless black bras and panties underneath.

A white oversized shirt for your boudoir photoshoot


A bodysuit is super flattering and slimming. It’s the very versatile outfit to bring for your boudoir photoshoot. A bodysuit will be perfect in standing, sitting or lying down poses.


Lingerie is not your thing but you would love to show more of your flesh during a boudoir photo shoot. This type of bras is ideal to start off your boudoir session. Wear it with a white shirt, a strapless bra and high waisted panty or thong. You can also wear it with a black blazer, and maybe heels to create more of a rock chic look.

These basic outfits and boudoir photography ideas are there to help you choose your outfits for a boudoir photoshoot. Nothing stops you to bring a full set of lingerie for the moments when you’ve boosted your confidence in front of the camera.

I usually recommend 3-4 outfits for your boudoir photo shoot in the studio. You can always bring more and I will help you narrow down your choice on the day of the boudoir session. I think too often we have some fixed ideas about what a boudoir photoshoot should look like. But it’s all about being creative, opening your mind to new possibilities and building your confidence with the idea of a boudoir session. This is your boudoir photoshoot after all and you are in the driver seat, enjoy the ride. This will be an amazing experience for yourself.

PS. If a boudoir photoshoot has been on your mind for far too long I would be more than happy to help you, let’s start the conversation.

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