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Three Life Lessons from Bridget Jones to learn to embrace YOUrself!

Bridget always returns to the screen around Christmas, although you can watch her movies all year round on streaming platforms. I love to watch the film around Christmas time as I feel it’s perfect for downtime and slowing down. 

When the book first came out, I found it difficult to read in the format of a diary and didn’t understand what all the hype was about. However, I was completely hooked when I first saw the movie with René Zellweger. I fell in love with Bridget and fell in love with her, even watching the film 15 years later. I wish I were a bit more Bridget in my 30s, but that might be another story for another time.

The Bridget series are movies I don’t care about watching repeatedly. The Romance, the silliness, the bastard boyfriend. For those evenings, a film that doesn’t require much thinking, winding out, snuggling up under the cover on the sofa. Then, on your non-productivity days, you can watch all three of them in one afternoon, just doing nothing! What a joy.

Bridget is a great role model, I love her, and you should. She can teach you a few life lessons towards embracing yourself and making the most of your potential! Here are some of the experiences from Bridget Jones’ guide to life.

1. She isn’t afraid of ridicule.

Probably not. She jumps into every situation with all her heart, enjoying every bit of it. She’s very spontaneous and often has an aftermath of feeling ridicule, but at least she did it! As women, we tend to be scared to look dumb, but who gives a s…! You know what? As a boudoir photographer who photographs women that want to celebrate key moments in their life, I can tell you, now is the time in your life not to care about looking stupid. No one else does. You should, too!

You will spend some days trying new things where you feel entirely out of your comfort zone and may realise you’ve made a mistake, “this isn’t you. Why did you even start it?” The “I look so stupid” moment? But what the heck! At other times you will feel proud trying, so happy that you’re kept going with your ideas.

So for the new year, try whatever makes you tick. Next year make your motto to devote more time to yourself. What would you love to try then? Go to Spanish class or Flamenco lessons, learning to cook or code? One word, please stick to it, don’t even think of quitting after two months. Book a weekly meeting with your Spanish class on your calendar for next year, and let me know how you are getting along!

 2. She’s taking risks

Quitting a job is never easy, but working for an a……. neither! She isn’t waiting for someone to discover or save her! She goes for it, applies for jobs, and tries her luck going through numerous interviews. If you’re after a lucky escape from your employment or relationship, the secret is to plan for it. Understanding what you want from your next job, speak around, and connect via network meetings. Although it might not happen overnight, knowing precisely what you want to do will help you move in the right direction. Start planning for that boudoir photoshoot now!

3. She isn’t acting her age.

Who said you have to become invisible past 45? I’m glad significant changes are upon us women in our late 40s and over. I’m not ready to step down, and neither are you. Older women are awesome! The best is yet to come. Your quest should be to step up to your true self, and reach a new stage in life. My boudoir photoshoots will move you, teach you, and you will learn so much from them. Trust me, this is just the beginning, and freedom is upon you.That’s the privilege of being older!

How are you going to embrace your Bridget? Share in the comments.

PS. Make 2023 the year of stepping into your zone of brilliance and celebrating yourself.

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