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Think you’re too old for a boudoir photoshoot experience? Think again

Do you remember the controversy surrounding Yann Moix, when he was interviewed by Marie Claire magazine in 2019? He is a 50-something year old man who brags about how women are only hot if they’re 25 years old or less and never touches any woman over 50 because that’s too gross for him! I mean, come on, he is over 50 himself?

It’s tempting to say that a lot of men over 50 might be thinking like him. It’s still common practice for actors, i.e., Vincent Cassel (56) who married a woman 32 years younger than him.” Times are changing though – even heard some 20 year old finding it odd that a guy of 50 is dating a girl his age!

Women over 50 are finally becoming mainstream in the media! We have fantastic role models like Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren who all prove that you don’t need to look a certain way or be young and beautiful to be feel great in your skin.

Imagine age as energy. You can do a lot to fight the flab these days, like getting a personal trainer or better exercising routine and eating healthier food – just think of how society treated women at 50 back when my grandmother was that age in the late 70s! Back then there were few role models for her to look up to but nowadays you have all sorts of options to look at.

I’m ever so grateful that women like my mum who is in her 70s have pathed the way for us. When I was younger I looked up at my mum and her friends in their 50s, they had fun, dressed up, put make up on-they didn’t hide themselves with beige clothing! They showed me how to live life without compromising myself even when everyone else around me said it wasn’t possible or right.

You have grown and matured beautifully. You are a strong, intelligent, independent woman who knows her worth on this earth- now it’s time to celebrate all of your triumphs! Today I invite you to get even bolder with a boudoir photoshoot experience as an ode to your femininity, the woman you’ve become and celebrating who you are today.

I’m not asking you to take all your clothes off, a boudoir session can simply evoke elegance and sensuality, celebrating your curves. You don’t have to walk around in sexy lingerie; it’s completely up to you how much you want to reveal. More importantly, I’m asking that this boudoir photoshoot be about YOU – who are trying something new for the first time!

What outfits should you wear for a boudoir photoshoot when are in your 40s and 50s then?

A boudoir photoshoot doesn’t have to be about lingerie, bras or suspender belts. Imagine your boudoir shoot as a way of celebrating yourself and this can mean anything you want it to!

You could slip on a beautiful nightgown by Marjolaine, a black body with long sleeves, a white shirt open a black strapless bras and high briefs. The intent of this boudoir photoshoot experience is not just about showing everything but drawing curves in light while celebrating the story of who you are as a person. This can be an empowering way to celebrate how far you’ve come after going through divorce or losing weight, regaining fitness, finally making peace with your body.

Here are some examples of outfits that work

The white shirt

London Portrait & boudoir Photographer

I love working with a white shirt for boudoir shoots – it’s elegant, classy and hides what you want to hide from the camera. I also find that it gives cool fresh vibe in your portrait

A black body Suit or swimsuit

A Boudoir photoshoot experience is about the mood, emotion and intimacy. Rather than being explicit or showing too much of yourself, tease your viewer and let them develop their own story for what they see in the photos and a black body is perfect for that.

Sheer fabric

You might want to get creative with your outfit and show more skin through a sheer fabric. This is an excellent way of showing off your body while being hugged by something that beautifully defines curves!

A boudoir photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself, embrace who you are and celebrate You as a woman! Your age is not an excuse anymore not to do a boudoir photoshoot.

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