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Should I Get A Nude BOudoir PhotoShoot? Here’s Some Advice To Help You Decide: A blog post around nude photos and boudoir photography.

Are you considering baring it al during your boudoir session and doing a nude boudoir? It’s a big decision, and I’m not surprised that you’re nervous. I get it it’s a really big step. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. I mean, you’re not just baring your soul — you’re baring your skin with a stranger while they snap pictures of you. Real talk, it’s scary. If this is something that makes you nervous, or gives you butterflies then I completely understand why you’d be looking for my advice before your boudoir photoshoot.

If you’d asked me a few years ago if as a portrait photographer I would ever consider doing a boudoir photography or even artistic nude photography? I would have said no way. Most of the boudoir photography I saw at the time was tasteless and I didn’t feel boudoir photography was empowering women. But times have changed we as women have evolved we have done a lot of work, learning to accept ourselves and develop body confidence.

Starting to offer boudoir photography along with my portrait photography business has been very rewarding on a personal level. Nothing gives me more joy than a woman telling me that she feels amazing after her boudoir session and it was far less scary than she expected. Now I’m going to invite you a step further and consider adding artistic nudes to your boudoir photoshoot. Are you ready for it?

How can boudoir photography help you see yourself differently?

If I say boudoir photography do you want to run away? Or do you see boudoir portraits as something to celebrate you? Most of my clients that come to me want to celebrate an achievement, a change of life and decided to do a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for themselves and these women have the best experience. I’m not saying that if you come into your boudoir session to gift your boudoir portraits to your partner you will not have the same experience. What I want to ask you is that even if you’re doing this as a gift for your partner it’s important to consider what you want out of this boudoir photo shoot experience and this is something that we can discuss during your consultation.

A boudoir photo shoot is an opportunity to reconnect with your body image, accept your body’s imperfection and celebrate what makes you, YOU. As a female boudoir photographer I do not believe in perfection, what I do believe in is about standing in your power. Once you understand that body confidence comes from within you can feel incredibly free and embrace who you are, this is what a boudoir photo session is all about and as your boudoir photographer, I’m here to channel your power in front of the camera.

But I’m not stopping there, if standing there with very little on in front of the camera is one step I’m inviting you to bare it all! Yes, you’ve heard me well, I’m inviting you to create artistic nudes and what I mean by that is more about sensuality than just sexy-ness. Have you ever seen a movie with Sophia Loren walking bare feet in a curve enhancing dress under the rain? May be not but you’re getting the image I guess. I find this far more sensual than oozing a sexy pose. We are living in an overly sexual society and seem to have forgotten about sensuality. So when I mention doing some artistic nudes during your boudoir photo shoot this is what I mean.

Getting a Nude Shoot Can Help You Grow In Empowerment.

I can already see you panic at the idea of being photographed with nothing on and who wouldn’t? Not to worry though. I will not show you in the full nude but will use the art of lighting to shape your curves and hide what you don’t want to show, it could just be showing the curve of the neck to the shoulders, a piece of hair falling onto your chest, imagine the light as a creative tool to enhance your natural beauty. You will feel even more empowered being brave enough by taking all your clothes off. I know it’s easier said than done and trust between you and I will be paramount. If you consider nude photography as a way to celebrate who you are as a woman instead of wanting overly sexual images than I’m your boudoir photographer.

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Experience Something Different And Fun

If you decide on the artistic boudoir nudes be reassured that I will not ask you straight on to take everything off. I like to start my boudoir session with just a few portraits so we get to know each other better in front of the camera and then gradually have you posing with the outfits we have selected for the boudoir session. Your confidence will build gradually as well, that is why I always keep the artistic nudes towards the end of the session. There is no secret that the more confident you feel in your skin the greater the outcome of your boudoir photo shoot and how you feel walking out of the experience.

Why Not Try It Out?

Consider nude boudoir photos, not just for the thrill of it, but to help you get closer to yourself as well. I understand that this experience can be a very big step for you to take on, that is why I’m inviting you to an informal discussion via zoom. Let me know how you feel about a nude shoot in the comments is this something that you might consider or no way!

PS. send me a message. I’m very much looking forward to speaking to you.

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