Noir Indulgence Boudoir by rachel vogeleisen

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Noir Indulgence Boudoir Photography

When All you Need is self-love indulgence

Boudoir Pricing Packages

What happens after my photoshoot?

After your session, you will be invited for a viewing session either in the studio or via zoom this will be approximately 10 days after your session.

The in-person or zoom viewing session is there to help you make your images selection a smooth process. I’m there to make it easier for you.

You will be given the option to buy your portraits, presented in an album, as wall art or as mounted prints in a reveal folio box, the choice is yours and there’s no hard sale there. You have to be happy with whatever you choose. All portraits that you buy will be edited in signature style.

Some clients spend £450 others £3000 on their beautiful artwork

Wall ART

Starting At £575.00

Wall art is a wonderful way to express yourself and your personality. With so many options, you can easily find something that fits not only your home decor style but also the mood of any room in which it hangs.

I work with you to help you choose the perfect type of wall art to complement your interior

Noir Indulgence Boudoir Photography

Wall Art


The Noir Indulgence Album

Noir Indulgence Album

Starting At £997

Starting with 10 Images

The Album is the perfect keep sake for your boudoir portraits.

Reveal Folio box

Starting At £997.00

More versatile than the album as you can frame your images and display them on the wall

Starting with 10 images

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Wall Art


The Noir Indulgence Album

Images Collection

Starting At £687

Starting with 5 Images

The smallest collection is five 8x10in matted and mounted (5x7in) printed images

Happy Words

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when all you need is self-love

How it Works



Get in touch, complete the questionnaire


Discovery Call

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Book your session

To book your Noir Indulgence Photoshoot I do require a £297.00 session 

(Does not include images)


Your Photoshoot

This is your special day where we create magic together

Time to make your dreams come true

Interested to book a boudoir session? The first thing is to tell me a little bit more about you and why you want to do a boudoir photoshoot. I would be delighted to help you, figure how we can work together to create a meaningful boudoir experience for you. It’s not that complicated trust me!


the self-love story