Noir Indulgence intimate portrait style by rachel vogeleisen

A boudoir photoshoot experience to celebrate a milestone

A boudoir photoshoot  can be one of the most empowering experiences in a woman’s life. It’s the perfect gift for a woman who has accomplished something significant like turning 40 or 50+. These boudoir portraits are sure to be treasured by her and her loved ones for years to come. When Joe came to see me she knew exactly what she wanted, and I was more than happy to oblige. She had come in for a boudoir session in London that would be different from the norm and celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary as well. She was also quite adamant that she didn’t want a boudoir photo session that looked like an ad for lingerie; it was more about celebrating who she was and creating a legacy.

Here are the steps we took to create an amazing boudoir photo shoot experience, including making sure her photos represented her as a woman of 53 years old! She wanted her BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT EXPERIENCE to be all about celebrating who SHE WAS. Here are the steps we took to make her  boudoir session an amazing experience.

1.Pre-shoot consultation

We had about 20 minutes on the phone before her boudoir photo shoot. I asked Joe to do some homework, and she shared a Pinterest board of boudoir inspired images that spoke to her style, the type of hairstyle and makeup she wanted. This consultation was key in understanding Joe’s preferences and the type of boudoir portraits she wanted. It’s always important to choose an outfit that you feel great wearing because feeling confident is one of the best ways to stand in front of a camera.

2.Hair and makeup

You’ll feel like a movie star by getting your makeup and hair done before your boudoir photography session. You get to enjoy some relaxing time with us while we take care of all the details, so you can be confident knowing that not only will you look beautiful in photos but also in real life after your boudoir photoshoot experience. Make sure to book an evening out.

3.We discuss the outfits as soon as you arrive

I will give a lot of recommendations so you come prepared for your London boudoir session. Joe came into the studio with a small bag, the first thing we did was to unpack and go through the outfits she brought for the shoot. When I go through the styling choice with you, it allows me to discuss your favourite outfit and what we’re going to choose to start. Your selection of boudoir outfit is paramount as the last thing you want is not to feel happy about it as this will reflect on you and how you feel in front of the camera.

4.Coaching in front of the camera

Want to know how to deal with your worst fears, such as standing in front of the camera? As your boudoir photographer, I’m here for you! You don’t have to be an expert on camera – that’s my job. We’ll start slow by testing, doing portraits and adjusting light. Imagine yourself having a conversation with a friend while forgetting about being photographed at all. Your boudoir photoshoot experience should be  fun and empowering. That’s why I always remember that you are in control of your images, ensuring from the outset that we’re working together to create something great!

5. Have fun, get creative

The end of a boudoir session is your opportunity to try new things. It’s the time that you may be feeling most free with yourself, go for something outside the box.






PS. It takes courage to stand in front of the camera for a boudoir photo shoot. Choosing to have a boudoir photography session is not an easy decision, but it’s also empowering and satisfying experience. Time to get your mojo back?

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