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5 reasons why you don’t have to lose weight before your boudoir photoshoot

Losing weight the big debate? I know what I’m talking about, I started dieting when I was fifteen because waif’s models were in fashion and I was ready to starve myself to look like Kate Moss. Oh dear, what a mistake. I now realise that whatever diet I try, I will never be thin. Just looking at the women in my family should have given some clues, but at 15 you are obtuse.

The diets worked, but then I put on the weight back much faster than I had lost it and gained even more. I still continued the yoyo dieting, used to smoke cigarettes which helped me keep the weight down but with serious consequence for my health, this was the French way as my son told me after his to Paris trip the three “C’s” café, cigarette, croissant.

Between my 20s and 30s I lost weight and regained it was an unwinnable race with so many frustrations and I messed up my metabolism as a result!

It just feels that I have spent my life dieting. If I’m at a weight I’m satisfied with these days it’s down to a healthy diet, exercising and looking after myself. I have accepted that I will never be the model size and you know what I’m fine with it. I think the biggest drawback about loosing weight, unless you really need to loose weight for health reasons, is that we are so unsatisfied with who we are, that we think we will be much more lovable. The key to feel great in your skin is to love yourself first the rest will follow and you might even loose weight as a result because you will have more respect for your body and what you’re putting into it.

In this post I want to reassure you that you don’t need to loose weight before your boudoir photoshoot. Here are my 5 reasons why

  • Befriend yourself

    Feeling great in your skin will make you look great in your boudoir portraits. I’m not saying that you will not feel shy at the beginning of the boudoir session, but you will build your confidence in front of the camera. When you feel great in your skin, it will transcend in the images.

  • Embrace what you love about yourself

    What do you love best about yourself? We’re not all supposed to look like one standard, set by Haute Couture designers. If you look through history women’s bodies were celebrated for various reasons and at some points curves were in fashion. Who is your role model? I love how fashion embraced the feminine curves in the 1950s, look at Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Liz Taylor who is your role model who can you identify? What do you like about this woman I’m sure it’s not only her body but probably her attitude to life as well? What would she say to you?

    As your boudoir photographer, I will help you enhance what you love about yourself and cleverly help you hide what you don’t want to show on camera. We can do this with layering, using the right poses and playing with light and shadows. When you look at celebrities’ photos, the photographers always have a way to make them look at their best with the light and the posing. It’s what I will help you with as well. The conversation we have during our styling consultation and then at the beginning of the boudoir photoshoot will help me understand your concerns and make you look amazing in the photographs.

  • Choose clothing that enhances your curves

    You might think I never look good in lingerie. No worries there are lots of other options we can use for your boudoir session. You could choose to wear a basic lingerie set and add layers with a white shirt or robe.

  • Embrace the experience

    Somehow we as women tend to think that we should be aiming for the next big thing, believing something is wrong with us. We should lose weight, change our hair, and change our appearance before standing in front of the world. Do you want my answers? A boudoir photoshoot is truly a transformative experience for you to enjoy and walk away with unique boudoir portraits that will make you feel empowered. No one in the world should stop you from enjoying this experience and who said you have to lose weight? Is that you? No one can tell you how you should feel about yourself, embrace who you are now!

  • Because you are perfect now

    Enjoy who you are now. Focus on what you love about yourself, why do you think losing weight will make you feel better? Did someone mention something to you, are you trying to lose weight for someone else? You know what? There’s only one like you, everybody else is already taken! Enjoy the now, and make the most of it. You’re looking fantastic as you are now, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, how are you looking at yourself? When I was comparing myself to waif models in the magazine at 15, I didn’t see my beauty. When I look at photos of my teenage years, I never realised how beautiful I was, what a waste! We tend to compare ourselves with unattainable standards, and we don’t even know how real these people look. Our biggest win will be to embrace who we are, not yesterday, not tomorrow but today.

    So waiting to book a boudoir session until you’ve lost weight doesn’t make sense anymore. You’ve got all the clues in yourself, use that toolbox girl, because you are worth it!

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